Garden barbecues and more

When the sun comes out, so does the barbecue. And food bacteria. It's important to remember that warm weather helps harmful bacteria to grow, like E. Coli O157 and Salmonella. And this can result in food poisoning.

Follow these simple steps to prepare food safely and keep your garden hygienically clean:

  • Keep raw meats separate: when meat's raw it carries bacteria which can easily be transferred to ready-to-eat foods, before they're destroyed by cooking.

  • Don't mix your marinades: be careful to keep marinades for raw and cooked meats apart. Throw away any leftover marinade if you've been dipping a brush into it.

  • Wash your hands: clean them thoroughly before and after handling food like raw meat, to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

  • Clean up thoroughly afterwards: bleach is the only household cleaner that destroys all types of germs. So clean all surfaces, including the barbecue grill and utensils, with Domestos Bleach Spray and rinse.

  • Don't forget your garden furniture: give it a regular clean with Domestos Bleach Spray.

    Brighten up the patio: concrete patios can quickly get dirty and stained. Hose yours down, then scrub with Domestos Extended Germ-Kill and leave for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse.

Germs Love Barbecues





How to clean decking

Wood often becomes discoloured and damaged far quicker than concrete or stone. Commercial deck cleaners can generally be substituted for bleach, which may work quicker.

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