Domestos School Programs

Educating the next generation about sanitation and hygiene

Millions of children across the world have to go to school every day without access to a clean and safe toilet. The toilets may not function, they may not be maintained and hygienic, or for many, they may not be there at all.

Domestos believes every child deserves to have access to a clean and safe toilet. Domestos is working with NGO partners to run schools programmes in eight countries - These programmes run in Vietnam, South Africa, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Serbia - to improve toilet facilities in schools and provide education about healthy sanitation and hygiene habits. Domestos is also working with UNICEF to improve sanitation education in schools through their School-Led Total Sanitation programme, as part of our global partnership. By 2014, 29,500 children received safe water, sanitation and hygiene facilities thanks to this programme, meaning fewer sick days, and more children staying in school leading to improved education.

Improving sanitation in schools is one of Domestos’ key focuses and contributes to Unilever’s Sustainable Living Target, to help 25 million people gain improved access to a toilet by 2020.