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The Toilet Etiquette Guide

In light of recent research which shows that having a dirty toilet can affect your reputation, Domestos in partnership with Nancy Dell’Olio and the RSPH have created their first ever Toilet Etiquette Guide.

Domestos Total Toilet system knows the power of a clean toilet - and a clean reputation - which is why it is setting out to potty train the nation with the help of Nancy Dell’Olio, the authority on etiquette in or out of the bathroom.

With etiquette tips from Nancy, and support from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), The Toilet Etiquette Guide will ensure your reputation is as sparkling as your bathroom. After all, Domestos Total Toilet System kills germs, every time, everywhere by working together to clean and protect your toilet.

To download the guide, click HERE.

Professor Richard Parish, Chief Executive for the RSPH says: “An unclean toilet or bathroom can have repercussions when it comes to the health of you and your family. The Toilet Etiquette Guide is a light hearted manual whilst simultaneously emphasising the importance of keeping your toilet clean.”

Nancy Dell’Olio says “The proof is in the privy - scandalous toilets mean scurrilous gossip. I’m here to help the Brits get off their backside when it comes to toilet terrors - with my etiquette experience we can rest assured reputations will shine, just like your bathroom!”